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NO RECEIPT DOODLES between Feb 18 and Feb 24
Due to our CEO's international outreach mission, orders received between February 18 and February 23 will not have receive "Tara doodles" on their receipts. You can request that your orders be held until she gets back, using the Contact Us form.


NOTORIOUS is deodorant for your gear and you. It uses all-natural ingredients to kill almost any odor your gear develops through regular use in your athletic regimen. It comes on strong when you first spray it, but it dries to a light, minty scent.

Try it on your own smelly gear at our dealers or events, let it dry, and see what NOTORIOUS gear deodorant can do for you..

Shake well and spray NOTORIOUS on your athletic, safety and work gear immediately after you're done with your practice, workout, game, or job for the day. Leave your gear out to air dry at your earliest opportunity and your gear will smell fresh and minty the next time that you're ready to put it on again...

Here's one of our "No Expense Spared" commercials!

Notorious RED stands behind our product!

If you have any problem with NOTORIOUS gear deodorant, please contact us through
the Contact Us page on this site!

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