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If you've been disappointed by past deodorizers for your pads, helmets, gloves, skates, boots, jerseys, running shoes or daily work gear, NOTORIOUS is the Gear Deodorant for YOU!

If you've asked why gear deodorants tiptoe around getting rid of odors, or even make it worse, NOTORIOUS is the gear deodorant for you!

If you've been looking for a sledgehammer of gear deodorants to smash the stink, NOTORIOUS is the gear deodorant for you!

NOTORIOUS uses all-natural ingredients with powerful natural chemical odor killing properties to kill almost any odor your gear develops through regular use in your athletic regimen or at work on a daily basis. NOTORIOUS is not a perfume. It doesn't use drops of essential oils diluted to just convey scent.

There is nothing subtle about NOTORIOUS gear deodorant. It comes on strong when you first spray it, but it dries to a light, minty scent. And the odor is just...gone.

Try it on your own smelly gear at our dealers or events, let it dry, and see what NOTORIOUS gear deodorant can do for you...

And if you represent a hockey, lacrosse, skate, sporting goods store or chain, please contact us for a sample and ask about our dealer program.

Check out the NOTORIOUS Product Page for our multi-bottle discounts.

Shake well and spray NOTORIOUS on your athletic, safety and work gear immediately after you're done with your practice, workout, game, or job for the day. Leave your gear out to air dry at your earliest opportunity and your gear will smell fresh and minty the next time that you're ready to put it on again...

Demanda Riot and Fan at Rollercon 15 Notorious RED booth