NOTORIOUS has a strong, warm mint scent right out of the bottle, that can compete with almost any odor immediately. When it dries, it eliminates odors, leaving just a hint of its initial strong minty scent.
Try it on your own smelly gear at our
dealers or events, let it dry, and see what NOTORIOUS gear deodorant can do for you..
Shake well and spray NOTORIOUS on your skating and athletic gear immediately after you're done skating or exercising. Leave your gear out to air dry at your earliest opportunity and your gear will smell fresh and minty the next time that you're on the track...


Notorious RED stands behind our product!

Notorious RED stands behind our product. We've found out some of our sprayer heads
on our bottles vapor lock because of dip tubes that were cut too long by our supplier.
If you have any problem with NOTORIOUS gear deodorant, please contact us through
the Contact Us page on this site! If your sprayer stops working, we'll send you a replacement sprayer
and dip tube free and as quickly as possible!

Notorious RED Is Derby Owned

If you're a derby shop or league, contact us.

Notorious RED is has again acquired the WFTDA Penalty Box sponsorship for all 2014 playoffs
and the WFTDA Championship tournament!
 Look for our commercials on WFTDA.TV too!

Notorious RED supports roller derby! Here is a sample of our past sponsorships

WFTDA playoffs and championship 2013
MRDA championships 2013
Battle For The Coast
Midwest Brew-Ha-Ha
Battle on the Bank
Golden Bowl
Rollercon 2013, 2014