NOTORIOUS Gear Deodorant didn't start out as a product expected to sell in 44 pro-shops and dealers, available in the US, Canada, Great Brittain and Australia.

Instead, NOTORIOUS started out in 2007 as a personal quest by Sandra "Tara Armov" Frame, to get rid of the cat pee mixed with Fritos smell that walloped her in the face when she would open up her gear bag after a roller derby practice or game with the Derby Dolls or one of many pickup teams she was on. Her complement of gear included wrist guards with integrated fingerless gloves, lacrosse elbow pads, thick 187 knee pads, hip pads, skates, and helmet. In the summer, the practice space could be over 100 degrees.

NOTORIOUS is made with all natural essential oils, which stay separated from the alcohol-free witch hazel carrier. When you shake and spray it, there's a blast of tea tree and mint that is like nothing else. When she used NOTORIOUS in the locker room, which was generally a small poorly ventilated room stuffed with 22 women and their gear, her teammates couldn't avoid noticing, and asked her to make some up for them.

The referees, who were mostly men at the time, noticed. And they asked Frame to make it for them as well. Then while playing teams from other cities, those would request some. By 2008, NOTORIOUS was being sold to people throughout Southern California and San Diego.

Some of the referees and roller derby skaters also played hockey. Some were hockey moms and dads. And NOTORIOUS jumped to hockey. And lacrosse. And soccer. And football. And figure skating. And boxers. And rock climbers. And police officers using it on their bulletproof vests. And construction workers using it on their helmets. And firemen using it on their gear.

But our customers are mostly hockey and roller derby players and referees.

At this time, Frame made NOTORIOUS with eye droppers on her bathroom sink. And NOTORIOUS wasn't called that yet. It had no name.

Referees in other cities became sort of ad hoc dealers. People would ask, "Do you have the stuff?", and our gear spray network looked shady to anyone who had no idea what people were talking about.

So the gear deodorant spray needed a name. And one was provided first by LA Derby Dolls announcer "Evil E". Sandra Frame's roller derby alter ego "Tara Armov" had something of a penalty problem. She's nearly 6 feet tall, and much of her mission was to break up the opposing team's defense, and she was often a bit too "enthusiastic" in this mission. This landed her in the penalty box a lot, and her excessive accumulation of penalties often led to an ejection from the game. Frame wasn't proud of this fact, but it was what it was.

When getting ejected from games seemed to become a regular occurance for Tara Armov, Evil E. began calling her "The Notorious Tara Armov" and later "NOTORIOUS R*E*D".

The unnamed gear deodorant needed a name. And when a close group of "the stuff" users were consulted, they were unanimous that it be called NOTORIOUS.

So together with her husband Stephen "Busta Armov" Greenberg (he was a ref before the NOTORIOUS era), in 2013 Sandra Frame started a company called Notorious RED. To manufacture, and sell the world's most powerful sports gear deodorant spray...NOTORIOUS.

While the bathroom sink days are long gone, we still make NOTORIOUS by hand. Now we have huge tanks we work from, we get the ingredients for NOTORIOUS in big barrels and drums delivered on pallets instead of small bottles, and a custom precision dispensing system with an 800 bottle per day production capacity instead of eye droppers. Since 2013, NOTORIOUS has gone from a local product only available if you "knew someone", to a product available in hockey and roller derby pro-shops and skate shops throughout the US, and its also available from skate shops in Canada, Great Brittain and Australia.